5 Extreme Activities and Adventures in Colorado

When it comes to exploring Colorado, there are several different extreme activities you can participate in. Try Skydiving Colorado, Ice Climbing, or a Challenge like Crossing the Devil’s Causeway. You can also tackle Telluride’s Via Ferrata. There are so many amazing things to do in Colorado that you can’t possibly do them all! So read on to learn more about these activities and get ready for a wild trip!

Crossing the Devil’s Causeway

If you’ve ever wanted to try out something more challenging, you should head to the Flattop Wilderness to hike the Devil’s Causeway. The Devil’s Causeway is a unique geological feature that connects two 12,000-foot plateaus. The trail is about 6 miles round-trip and features 60-80 foot drops. A good 4wd vehicle is a must for this adventure.

The easiest way to hike to Devil’s Causeway is to begin the journey from Stillwater Reservoir. County Road 7 is located half-way between Wolcott and Steamboat Springs. From there, take Forest Service Road 900, a dirt road in the Routt National Forest. The trail begins on the north side of the reservoir. Once you arrive, follow it northward, up the rocky slopes.

Skydiving in Colorado

If you’re interested in skydiving, you’ve come to the right place. The Colorado skydiving center in Fort Morgan offers jumps with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. There’s also the option of doing a tandem jump. This option is perfect for those who want to go skydiving with a partner or as a family outing. It can also be a unique wedding proposal for a loved one. In a few hours, you’ll be in the air, ready for a thrilling experience.

Colorado is one of the top destinations for skydiving. Its stunning beauty, snow-covered Rocky Mountains, and blue skies make skydiving in Colorado a thrilling experience. Out of the Blue Skydiving is the oldest member of the USPA group in southern Colorado. This Colorado skydiving center offers the best views for skydivers. You’ll be able to take in the beautiful landscape of the state while freefalling from as high as 7500 feet.

Ice Climbing

The Front Range Climbing Company offers day and night ice climbing excursions. The park’s LED strips light the way, allowing climbers to see over the ice and snow. A full day at the park is only about two hours. The Front Range Climbing Company’s ice climbing adventure begins with pickup from your lodging and outfitting with your climbing gear. From there, you’ll shuffle through waist-deep powder and ice over icy bridges.

The Intro to Ice course is designed for people who have no previous experience with the sport. The course combines lectures and discussion sessions with hands-on practice with multiple climbs. It’s a good idea to purchase waterproof layers and warm socks before you begin. This way, you won’t be cold while waiting for a partner to climb. The course concludes with a group debrief. To learn more about this sport, you can contact a local ice climbing club or take a beginner’s course.

Taking Telluride’s Via Ferrata

If you want to experience a truly adrenaline-fueled mountain adventure, Tackle Telluride’s Via Ferratta. This short climb uses metal cables and rungs to move across a cliff side. If you have never climbed before, we recommend hiring a guide to help you with the experience. This route can be dangerous and requires special equipment. Read on to learn more about this thrilling mountain experience.

Although the Telluride Via Ferrata is free for the public to climb, the Town of Telluride strongly encourages that you hire a guide. Although it is possible to tackle the trail without a guide, degraded sections of the trail pose a fall hazard. In fact, a woman was injured while on the route in 2021, while climbing on her own. The climber, however, did not have any equipment malfunctions.

Rafting the Mighty Colorado Rapids

For those who want a more challenging and adventurous river trip, Raft the Mighty Colorado Rapids can be just the thing for you. A full-day trip on this river will take you down the Grand Canyon, a distance of between 188 and 280 miles. You’ll have enough time to explore the best sights on the Colorado River, including the Redwall Cavern, Little Colorado, Deer Creek Falls, Havasu Creek, and Lava Falls. The water level depends on the time of year, so plan accordingly.

The best rafting tours in Colorado are those that offer guided trips. Paddle rafts dig into the river while other types require passengers to hang on. A guide is located at the rear of the raft and helps navigate the rapids. The water levels can vary between different types of rafts, so make sure to check with the tour provider before booking. Rafting tours in Colorado are rated by U.S. News based on consumer feedback and expert input. They include varying levels of difficulty, and all of them provide knowledgeable and professional guides.

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Colorado: Arts, Culture, and Tradition

If you’re planning a vacation in Colorado, you’ll want to know some cultural facts and fun customs. You can also find out about some of the most famous cultural events and museums. In this article, we’ll cover the history of Colorado and its people. Also, learn about the state’s famous ski resorts and arts and cultural events. Then, you’ll know what to expect in the state when you get there.

Cultural Facts in Colorado

Colorado is home to a variety of religious and spiritual communities. Some are personal, others are social, and some are both. Some religions have established entire communities in the state, and some even sponsor schools, hospitals, and other organizations. Read on for a few Cultural Facts in Colorado to learn more about these diverse groups. In addition, Colorado also has a number of federal facilities. And, while Christianity is the most common religion in the state, there are also many smaller populations of other faiths.

The Ethnography collection contains artifacts from various cultures. Some are historic, while others are contemporary. The collection includes pottery, basketry, beadwork, leatherwork, textiles, and more. The American Indian section contains the largest collection of Ute pottery. The museum also displays a number of artifacts from other tribes, including Native Americans in general. A tour of the museum’s Ethnography exhibit will teach visitors about the colorful history of Colorado.

Fun Customs and Traditions in Colorado

If you want to learn about the culture of a place before visiting it, you should learn about the Llorona, a famous woman who wailed in streams for eternity in desperation. This fable has several variations, including those from Aztec, American Indian, Greek, and Mexican folklore. The southern Colorado version of the legend is a contemporary take on this classic legend. This tale reminds young girls of the dangers of dating and falling in love.

Culture in Colorado is a mix of people and crafted wonders, like the ancient Pueblo dwellings. But, the state is also home to some truly strange traditions, like the infamous taxidermied animals served at exotic steakhouses. Whether you’re looking for some history, adventure, or weirdness, Colorado culture has it all. Here, the culture is as colorful and diverse as its people.

Most Famous Arts and Cultural Events in Colorado

Many people came to Colorado for the health benefits and natural beauty. The Pikes Peak Gold Rush in 1872 helped the city develop along with other mining towns. National attention brought artists to the state. In 1861, German artist Emanuel Leutze traveled to Colorado to collect materials for a mural. This mural is now part of the Smithsonian American Art Museum. Another artist, Albert Bierstadt, made two trips to Colorado and painted a stunning grand panoramic view of the state’s landscape.

Denver hosts many art festivals each year. The Denver Arts Festival, which takes place each year in the Conservatory Green, features 150 national and local artists. The festival features a variety of art forms and attracts thousands of visitors each year. The festival includes art vendors, live jazz, and art demonstrations. Guests can attend the Denver Arts Festival for free and enjoy the diverse culture and arts. Here are a few other Colorado arts and cultural events that can be a part of your next vacation.

Famous Museums to Visit in Colorado

Whether you are looking for history, art or culture, there is a famous museum to visit in Colorado. The Sculptured House in Golden is one of the most innovative and forward-thinking buildings in the state. It is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Admission is free. In addition, you can learn more about Colorado’s fascinating past at the Denver Art Museum.

The Buffalo Bill Museum and Grave is an Old West museum in Colorado that will give you a glimpse into the life and times of the legendary cowboy. The name of Buffalo Bill comes from the fact that he was skilled at catching buffalo. The Buffalo Bill Museum is one of the famous Colorado attractions. It is also the final resting place of the famous cowboy, William Cody, or Buffalo Bill. It is located in Lookout Mountain Park.

Unique Delicacies to Try in Colorado

There are several unique culinary experiences in Colorado, including a few local delicacies you should try. The state is a culinary hot spot for adventurous travelers, as you’ll find a wide variety of authentic local foods, from deep-fried to organic and everything in between. You may even try oysters made from bull or bison testicles, which are renowned for being tasty and reminiscent of fried chicken.

A visit to Colorado is an opportunity to try a wide variety of regional cuisines, including Tex-Mex and pizza. There are also plenty of traditional regional dishes to sample. You’ll never go hungry in Colorado, thanks to the many options for restaurants. Try one or more of these unique dishes on your trip to Colorado. These tasty treats will help you experience the state’s unique culture and tradition, and make your vacation the best one yet!

Lowest Crime Areas in Denver

Denver, Colorado is a bustling city that is full of life. This diverse metropolis, unfortunately, has a high crime rate, with around 39.7 property crimes per 1000 people. While most people in Denver obey the laws, there are criminals in every state. 

When people get arrested on suspicion of a crime, getting out of jail is their top priority. Even if a person directly committed a crime in the city, they still hold the right to receive bail, as long as they are not a danger to the community. After bail is set, individuals should seek a bondsman Denver.

Property crimes are one of the biggest problems in Denver, and they often leave people on edge. No one wants to become the victim of a crime. Those considering moving to Denver should discover the neighborhoods that offer the lowest crime rates. What part of the city is the safest for families? Choosing the right neighborhood gives new Denver residents peace of mind in knowing their families are less likely to fall victim to property crimes or worse. Violent crime has been rising in Denver over the last decade, and many citizens are working to protect themselves and their properties. There has been a 50% rise in crime since 2012. While crime is typically more common in low-income areas of the city, high-income neighborhoods are not immune. Below we will list some of the safest neighborhoods in Denver, CO so you can choose one that will be safe for your residential home or business. 

Neighborhoods located between Interstate 225 and Broadway are some of the safest in Denver. The neighborhoods in this area have the lowest rates of aggravated assault, murder, and robberies. The neighborhoods below are the safest for those who want to avoid crimes and live peacefully. 

  1. Indian Creek
  2. Washington Park West
  3. Wellshire
  4. Washington Park
  5. Country Club

If you are looking for the highest level of safety, choose one of the affluent neighborhoods above. There are also safe neighborhood options, such as these:

  • Platt Park
  • City Park
  • Hilltop
  • Skyland
  • Berkeley
  • Rosedale
  • Cory-Merrill
  • Fort Morgan

The above neighborhoods usually have fewer than 10 violent crimes per year. Although these neighborhoods are safer, no area in Denver is immune to crime. Living in a safer neighborhood should never allow you to let down your defenses. Protecting your family, home, and business is critical, no matter where you live. While high-income areas of Denver typically mean fewer crimes, there are some affluent neighborhoods that still experience a high crime level. While gated communities usually keep criminals out, some areas of Denver have begun to fester with higher crimes, despite being areas with increased incomes. The following neighborhoods have income averages above $100,000, but crime rates are on the rise, making citizens feel unsafe. Some of these neighborhoods include those below. 

  • Central Business District
  • Five Points
  • Union Station

These three communities above have some of the highest violent crime rates in Denver. Although law enforcement in Denver is doing everything they can to curb crimes, they are still rising, prompting lawmakers to consider enacting stricter penalties for certain violent crimes. As legislation remains a focal point, those living in high crime areas brace themselves against crimes by installing security systems and taking other measures. Although crime remains consistent in some areas of Denver, the city’s citizens have formed community watch programs that help keep some neighborhoods safer. Citizens are encouraged to contact the police if they see anything suspicious. When neighbors watch out for neighbors and fight for the safety and solace of their communities, the crime rates will begin to drop further. Citizens are urged to avoid taking the law into their own hands. Rely on law enforcement to approach criminals and take them into custody. 

If you are considering a move to Denver, the above neighborhoods are the lowest crime areas. These areas will have fewer violent crimes, allowing you to feel safer and sleep better at night. These neighborhoods allow you to enjoy the beauty of Denver without fear. 

How Safe it is to Live in the Colorado State?

According to Fox 31 in Colorado, the state is one of nine states experiencing an increase in its crime rate. Out of the different types of crimes, property crime has seen the highest increase in Colorado. As a matter of fact, Safewise states that Colorado is home to the third-highest property crime rate in the entire country. It currently is 28.3 per 1,000 people and has experienced about a 9 percent increase each year. When it comes to the violent crime rate in the state of Colorado, you are looking at a 4.2, which has also increased by 11 percent from last year. Only eight other states in America have experienced increases in both property and violent crime, and Colorado residents are starting to become concerned.

Colorado’s State Ranking When it Comes to Safety:

Consumer Affairs carried out a study and determined that Colorado ranked 39th safest state in the United States, which is not very good. To give you an idea of the numbers, the safest state, New Jersey, received an overall score of 71.6 which is also not great. However, Colorado received a 44. New Mexico was not included in the study, meaning there were only ten other states that had worse rankings, which were Texas, Montana, Arizona, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alaska, and Arkansas.

Statistics Recently Found About Colorado Residents:

The State of Safety survey conducted by Safewise showed that 40 percent of Colorado inhabitants are concerned about their safety daily. The survey also pointed out that over a period of the past twelve months, 11 percent of respondents experienced violent crimes, 18 percent experienced property crimes, 24 percent experienced package theft, and 10 percent experienced gun violence.

When it comes to analyzing the types of crimes occurring in Colorado, violent crime represents 13 percent of all crime, and rapes make up 15 percent of violent crime. Colorado also has seen an 18 percent increase in mass shootings annually, and 30 percent of residents choose to use personal protection such as a pocketknife or firearm.

Where Should You Live in Colorado?

The statistics mentioned above are alarming. However, you must keep in mind that every state has good and bad areas and cities to live in. If you are serious about continuing to reside or move to the gorgeous Centennial State, you will need to do your research to find the city that matches you and your family’s needs. This means that you should also take a close look at the crime and safety statistics. Below, I will list the safest cities and least safest cities in Colorado in 2022. They are each in order.

The following are the safest cities in Colorado in 2022:

  • 1. Brush
  • 2. Frederick
  • 3. Miliken
  • 4. Severance
  • 5. Gypsum
  • 6. Dacano
  • 7. Eagle
  • 8. Cherry Hill Village
  • 9. Lamar
  • 10. Firestone
  • 11. Erie
  • 12. Castle Rock
  • 13. Eaton
  • 14. Aspen
  • 15. Carbondale
  • 16. Fruita
  • 17. Parker
  • 18. Steamboat Springs
  • 19. Woodland Park
  • 20. Centennial

The following are the least safe cities in Colorado in 2022:

  • 1. Sheridan
  • 2. Pueblo
  • 3. Denver
  • 4. Alamosa
  • 5. Aurora
  • 6. Canon City
  • 7. Lone Tree
  • 8. Wheatridge
  • 9. Lakewood
  • 10. Grand Junction
  • 11. Colorado Springs

Best Things To Do in Colorado During Summer

With schools and colleges dismissing for the summer and fantastic weather on the horizon, there is no better time to start planning your summer vacation. If you are looking for a great place to visit, the state of Colorado is sure to check everything off your list. From hiking, ballooning, mountain biking, camping, ziplining, horseback riding, fishing, whitewater rafting, and playing golf, the beautiful Centennial State has it all. In this article, I will tell you about a few of the best things to do in Colorado during Summer.


Whether you are a beginner or pro hiker, Colorado has hundreds of miles of walking trails that can fit anyone’s fitness levels. The most important part about the trails that this state offers is that they are all easily accessible and show off the most gorgeous landscapes. Some of the things you may see are colorful canyons and cliffs, amazing grasslands, gorgeous mountains, wildflower meadows, blue waterfalls, and so much more.

Mountain Biking

You may not know this, but Colorado is the state that invented mountain biking. Therefore, it is filled with lots of bike trails. If you feel like you are up for a challenge, you can enter an endurance and high-altitude race. However, if you decide to mountain bike around this state, keep in mind that it is something that locals take very seriously. It is not only a way to get around, but it is also a way of life for Coloradans.


If you want to be off grid for awhile and explore the outdoors, what better way than to go camping? You have the option to stay in a tent, RV, or even a yurt. Colorado has a ton of wilderness areas, campgrounds, and state parks. As a matter of fact, the state is home to 41 state parks, which make up 22 million acres of incredible national forests and private campgrounds.

Playing Golf

The pro golfers will tell you that with Colorado’s high altitude, the golf balls fly further and straighter. This results in golfers migrating to the state in large numbers during the summer to play golf. The views aren’t bad either, as you can enjoy the mountain backdrops while competing in a golf tournament.


Some people may be surprised to learn that this state is home to thousands of acres of water. You can enjoy peace and quiet while boating through the mountains on the wonderful blue waters. Waterskiing, tubing, and whitewater rafting are also fun activities to participate in on the Colorado waters in the warm summertime.

Horseback Riding

Whether you are a beginner or avid horseback rider, Colorado has you covered with a variety of different horseback riding options. If you are a beginner, I recommend booking a guided trail ride through the breathtaking mountains and landscapes. The tour guides are all experienced, knowledgeable, and only take on small groups so they can focus on everyone. They will also point out wildlife and destinations that are worth mentioning while on the tour.

In addition, there are backcountry tours for more experienced riders who are up for the challenge. On these tours, you are led from one campsite to another and will eventually end up in the wilderness. These types of tours are highly recommended by seasoned riders as they are a lot of fun for those who know what they are doing.

Visit A Museum

On days that it is too hot, I recommend taking a day to visit a couple museums. Colorado has countless museums that are tailored to fit different people’s interests. Some of the best museums that the Centennial State offers are the Denver Art Museum, Denver Museum of Nature & Science, Molly Brown House Museum, Aspen Art Museum, Colorado Railroad Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Children’s Museum of Denver, Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum, Clyfford Still Museum, Colorado Springs Pioneers Museum, and more. You can get away from the heat and see some interesting pieces, whether they are art, historical, or interactive.

Interesting Facts About the History of Colorado

You might be wondering: What’s the History of Colorado? What is the state known for? Read on to learn more. Throughout this article you will learn about the state’s history, the famous historical event, and famous historical places. If you like history, you can explore Colorado on your own by visiting any of these places! We hope you enjoy our article! You may also find this article useful! Just remember to check back often for new updates!

History of Colorado

The history of Colorado can be traced back more than 14,000 years. Native Americans populated the region around 14,000 BC, and the area is a major archaeological site. Artifacts from the Folsom culture, which lived here 8710 BC, have been found at the Lindenmeier Site. The site is one of the most ancient in the state, with artifacts dating back more than 9,000 years. Here are some interesting facts about the History of Colorado.

Coloradans were the first to grant women equal voting rights in the state by a margin of 55%. To get there, they formed a coalition of organizations, called the Colorado Non-Partisan Equal Suffrage Association. The organization’s success was marked by the election of Clara Cressingham, the first woman elected to the legislature in the United States. This led to her eventual victory in the 1884 election. She was a Republican, and Holly was a Democrat.

What is Colorado Known For?

When it comes to the state’s beauty, what is Colorado known for? You’ve probably heard of the mountains and the Colorado River. The Rocky Mountains are a range of mountains spanning hundreds of miles, and their formation occurred due to severe plate tectonic activity about 170 million years ago. The Rocky Mountains were shaped further during the nineteenth century by three major mountain-building efforts. In addition to their natural beauty, Colorado has abundant wildlife and an array of outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, and rafting.

The climate of the state is heavily influenced by its geography. While much of Colorado is covered in mountains and foothills, there are also high plains. The largest part of Colorado enjoys low humidity, no precipitation, and cool, clear nights. However, this climate is incredibly varied, resulting in a variety of micro-climates. For instance, some parts of Colorado are warm and dry, while others are semi-arid.

Historical Places in Colorado

In the western U.S. state of Colorado, there is a variety of diverse landscapes and unique cultural experiences. The state’s Rocky Mountain National Park protects the Rocky Mountains, while Mesa Verde National Park preserves ancient Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings. Denver is the state’s capital and largest city. When visiting Colorado, make sure to check out one or more of these historical places. You’ll be glad you did!

You’ll also want to visit the state’s capitol building, which was modeled after the capitol building in Washington, DC. The beautiful building is filled with gold-plated domes, hand-painted renderings of US presidents, and monuments to patriots. The Colorado state capitol also offers tours. Make sure to plan your visit to coincide with a Colorado history festival, as well! There are many unique historical places in Colorado to visit.

Famous Historical Event in Colorado

A famous historical event in Colorado is the discovery of Pikes Peak in 1806. The mountain was discovered during a survey to determine the boundary of the Louisiana Purchase. After gold was discovered in 1858, fortune hunters began traveling west with the slogan “Pikes Peak or bust.” On December 13, 1864, 700 volunteer soldiers from Colorado killed 150 peaceful Indians who thought they were protected by the U.S. government. The massacre devastated the Native American Indian tribes and set the stage for years of violence.

In 1876, Colorado becomes a state. There are many famous events that took place during the state’s history, including the birth of the first man, a headless Coloradan animal, and the richest square mile in the world. These events and more are included in the timeline. In this way, you can find out more about the people, places, and events of Colorado. The timeline provides the full timeline of events that happened in the state.

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