How Safe it is to Live in the Colorado State?

According to Fox 31 in Colorado, the state is one of nine states experiencing an increase in its crime rate. Out of the different types of crimes, property crime has seen the highest increase in Colorado. As a matter of fact, Safewise states that Colorado is home to the third-highest property crime rate in the entire country. It currently is 28.3 per 1,000 people and has experienced about a 9 percent increase each year. When it comes to the violent crime rate in the state of Colorado, you are looking at a 4.2, which has also increased by 11 percent from last year. Only eight other states in America have experienced increases in both property and violent crime, and Colorado residents are starting to become concerned.

Colorado’s State Ranking When it Comes to Safety:

Consumer Affairs carried out a study and determined that Colorado ranked 39th safest state in the United States, which is not very good. To give you an idea of the numbers, the safest state, New Jersey, received an overall score of 71.6 which is also not great. However, Colorado received a 44. New Mexico was not included in the study, meaning there were only ten other states that had worse rankings, which were Texas, Montana, Arizona, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alaska, and Arkansas.

Statistics Recently Found About Colorado Residents:

The State of Safety survey conducted by Safewise showed that 40 percent of Colorado inhabitants are concerned about their safety daily. The survey also pointed out that over a period of the past twelve months, 11 percent of respondents experienced violent crimes, 18 percent experienced property crimes, 24 percent experienced package theft, and 10 percent experienced gun violence.

When it comes to analyzing the types of crimes occurring in Colorado, violent crime represents 13 percent of all crime, and rapes make up 15 percent of violent crime. Colorado also has seen an 18 percent increase in mass shootings annually, and 30 percent of residents choose to use personal protection such as a pocketknife or firearm.

Where Should You Live in Colorado?

The statistics mentioned above are alarming. However, you must keep in mind that every state has good and bad areas and cities to live in. If you are serious about continuing to reside or move to the gorgeous Centennial State, you will need to do your research to find the city that matches you and your family’s needs. This means that you should also take a close look at the crime and safety statistics. Below, I will list the safest cities and least safest cities in Colorado in 2022. They are each in order.

The following are the safest cities in Colorado in 2022:

  • 1. Brush
  • 2. Frederick
  • 3. Miliken
  • 4. Severance
  • 5. Gypsum
  • 6. Dacano
  • 7. Eagle
  • 8. Cherry Hill Village
  • 9. Lamar
  • 10. Firestone
  • 11. Erie
  • 12. Castle Rock
  • 13. Eaton
  • 14. Aspen
  • 15. Carbondale
  • 16. Fruita
  • 17. Parker
  • 18. Steamboat Springs
  • 19. Woodland Park
  • 20. Centennial

The following are the least safe cities in Colorado in 2022:

  • 1. Sheridan
  • 2. Pueblo
  • 3. Denver
  • 4. Alamosa
  • 5. Aurora
  • 6. Canon City
  • 7. Lone Tree
  • 8. Wheatridge
  • 9. Lakewood
  • 10. Grand Junction
  • 11. Colorado Springs